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Products G-Panels

"Building Blocks for the world"

  • G-Panels come in various sizes up to 2.8m x 7.3m.
  • Standarad wall Panels are 1.2m x 2.4m, 1.2m x 3m, and 1.2m x 1.7m.
  • Standarad wall panel thickness are 5cm-25cm.
  • Standarad floor panel thickness are 15cm, 20cm, and 30cm.
  • From 1 to 20 stories.

"Benefits of building with G-Panels"

  • Uses less KG of steel per building.
  • Cuts construction time in half.
  • Higher structural strength.
  • Zero formaldehyde/VOC complaint.
  • Zero 1 hour spread rating.
  • Very cost effective.
  • Minimal construction waste.
  • Lighter Panels = lighter foundation.



Leveling of foundation according to the wall panel layout by water level and laser level . Laying of EPDM (EPDM for protection of wall from dampness) as per wall layout except door openings. Laying of cp part above EPDM according to the wall layout except door openings CP part fixed with anchor bolt (16mm dia anchor bolt@ 600 mm c/c) on foundation HRS at every corner of the building for panel fixing & super tech screw - PH2 38mm for panels to HRS connections.

  • Panel should be fixed with HRS in two way direction (90 degree) At bottom, panel fixed with cp part by PH2 38mm screw @ 300 mm distance.
  • VHB Tape, Latch and receiver are at sides of panels for connection of panels. For Tee & H panel wall connection ,cp part fixed at junction.

    LGS frame (C- Chanel joint by screw at Periphery of panel) with Latch , receiver & VHB Tape at sides. EPS filling inside the panel . MGO/CP Board paste by Urethanes Glue & pressing properly by machine on both Face of panels.

    Electrical Conduits Placement

    Joint filling: Joint:
    Flling by putting jointing compound with fiber mesh tape embedded inside the joint .
  • Applying the first coat of joint filling compound ( 4” putty blade) on the joints with fiber mesh tape ( embedded with the first coat ).
  • let it dry for one day and sanding on the joints .
  • After that one more wide coat with 6” putty blades .
  • let it dry for min 8 hrs.
  • For more finish, apply one more coat with 8” putty blade .
  • Roof fixed on wall panels, vertical screw and clit on both side of roof ( both face of wall panel ).
  • For inbuilt conduits ,all Vertical & horizontal grooves are in EPS and then MGO/CP Board fixed at time of panels production according to electrical layout.
  • Conduit also fixed in LGS roof ( service holes for conduits in the LGS joist).
  • Conduits at : All conduits fixed at site by groove on board & EPS and then MGO board fixed on grooves.
  • Plumbing pipe provided vertically in the panel and main connection horizontal on the top & bottom inside panels .
  • Plumbing pipes can also fixed on Panels (exposed fittings).
  • All fixtures fixed on 12 mm thk. MGO board of G-Panel.

    R.C.C. Counter for kitchen , toilet etc., reinforcement embedded in wall and counter support on brick wall or stone at both ends.

    Tiles fixed by FLEX with 3mm of thickness on the MGO board.